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Custom Projects

Although the core activity of Bluewater Cruising Yachts is the building of custom made ocean cruising yachts, the company has always been involved with a wide range of other custom projects.

These extra projects provide David and his team with wide and varied experience not only in the building of all manner of craft but also a range of other products and the research and development for other companies.

This strategy has kept Bluewater financially stable and busy even when there has been a downturn in the demand for luxury or ocean cruising yachts. This stability is an important factor to consider when deciding on commissioning the build of a new yacht.

Custom Tenders

During 2009/2010, 3 custom tenders were restyled and reworked to provide a much higher level of service to one of Australia’s wealthiest businessmen. The work was extensively developed by Peter Lowe Design, the owner’s representative and Bluewater. If you look at the 44’ Tender you will notice the before and after shots which have taken an older styled enclosed cabin boat and turned it into a sporty, high speed version which complements the new leopard superyacht it tenders to.

Custom 44’ Tender - Before Custom 44 Tender - After
44’ Tender - Before 44’ Tender - After
  44’ Tender - After
  44’ Tender - After
Boston Whaler - Before Boston Whaler - After
Boston Whaler - Before Boston Whaler - After
  Boston Whaler - After

Seawind 1050

Bluewater have built 10 Seawind 1050’s for Seawind Catamarans and they have been exported to Fiji, Korea and Hong Kong as well as being built for Australian customers in WA, Darwin, Victoria, Queensland and NSW.  The design is suited to commercial charter operation with a licence to carry 33 passengers and 2 crew.

Seawind 1050 Seawind 1050

Venturer 38

Seawind Catamarans commissioned Bluewater to build three Venturer 38’ powercats.  Two were for Whitsunday Charter Companies and the other for a local businessman.

Venturer 38 Venturer 38

Seawind 24

Bluewater have been building boats for Seawind Catamarans since the company began some 21 years ago.  David originally built over 10 Seawind 24’s several of which were exported to Japan and elsewhere.

Seawind 24  

Venturer 44

Seawind Catamarans commissioned extensive upgrades to an existing Venturer 44 powercat including new bow bulbs and underdeck stiffening to satisfy offshore performance.  Working with Peter Lowe Design and Seawind Catamarans, Bluewater were able to satisfy her owner’s requirements and achieve the designs full performance.

Seawind 24  

Dave Warren Yachts

Dave Warren Yachts commissioned Bluewater to modify a 77’ deck mould for their Supernova design and layup a deck in vinylester resin with balsa coring.  This was an interesting project where the factory doors had to be modified to allow the mould to be removed and transported.

Dave Warren Yachts  

Farr 51

Gil Finlay, a Newcastle Marina Owner and Businessman purchased a hull and deck and basic structure from Binks Yachts then commissioned Bluewater to restyle her including new cockpit with twin wheels, new transom design, and new window styling.  Sadly, Gil passed away before he could realise his vision for his dream boat.  Bluewater was then contracted by the new owner to complete the structural aspects, teak decking and head mouldings.

Farr 51 Farr 51

Island Packet 485

Arti & Dimitri Demetriou purchased a new Island Packet 485. However they required the mandatory cruising gear fitted to make life bearable including bimini cockpit enclosure, rear arch and davits and the fitting of electronics.  Bluewater yachts worked with Jerry Arnott Design in developing the style of these additions to complement the existing Island Packet lines.

Island Packet 485 Island Packet 485
Island Packet 485  

Stuart 47

Robert & Lesley Eltringham purchased the Stuart 47 moulds with the intention of finding a suitable builder to build their dream boat.  Bluewater was commissioned to build the mouldings and structural assembly of the yacht including the engine and genset installation, to fabricate a one-off rudder, teak cappings, and the basic fitout to Waterways survey specifications.

Stuart 47  

Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor”

“Deryn Mor” is a 20 year old Wayworld 45, the predecessor of the Bluewater 450M which had been owned for over 15 years by Cliff Tait, a local Newcastle businessman. Of recent time the yacht had fallen into a state of disrepair and Cliff commissioned Bluewater to conduct a full upgrade. This included repainting and re-rigging the mast, replacing teak decking, moving the mainsheet track and fitting it to a new hard dodger, upgrading electronics, fitting a retractable bow thruster, new hatches, new varnish and bench tops.  “Deryn Mor” will be relaunched in early 2011.

Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor” - Before Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor” - After
Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor” - Before Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor” - After
Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor” - Before Wayworld 45 “Deryn Mor” - After

House Cat

A custom designed House Cat has been built for a local property developer.  This 45’ houseboat / powercat design features 6 double cabins, twin heads, dining and lounging rooms and apartment sized kitchen.  It has been engineered by Naval Architect Graham Parker in conjunction with Bluewater and the owner. It is expected to cruise at 12-14 knots with twin 130 hp outboards.

House Cat  

Cavalier 395

The Cavalier 395 was completed for Tony & Sue Doyle.  The yacht was partially built by Pacesetter Yachts to a structural stage (Tony & Sue’s company) and finished by Bluewater.

Cavalier 395 Cavalier 395

Adams 28/30

Bluewater have built 4 of these sturdy little ocean going yachts.  Part of the development was to lengthen the yacht to 30’ by adding a sloping transom and changing the transom hung rudder. In addition the interior was redesigned to a one piece furniture moulding and headliner moulding.

Adams 28/30 Adams 28/30

Offroad Campers

Ian Simpson was employed by Bluewater as a Shipwright for 2 years prior to deciding to develop his own product. David encouraged and supported Ian to pursue his dream and they combined resources to develop the Exodus range of offroad campers.  Bluewater provided the tooling and fibreglassing expertise while Ian fitted out, commissioned and marketed the campers.

Offroad Campers Offroad Campers


John Earle, a local Newcastle artist commissioned Bluewater to build the tooling for a range of abstract sculptures he was producing.  These sculptures were exhibited in major art competitions and galleries.

Sculptures Sculptures


Ampcontrol, a Newcastle based electrical manufacturing company for large mining projects commissioned Bluewater to build a custom electrical control room that was part of a massive transformer built specifically for the aluminium smelter industry.


Truck Cab

GRP is such a versatile material that a customer from Norfolk Island commissioned Bluewater to build 2 truck cabs and bonnets in fibreglass to replace rusting steel ones.  Bluewater made moulds from an existing cab and bonnet.  These moulds included doors, inner and outer moulds, cab – 3 piece split mould, firewall, bonnet.

Truck Cab  

BBQ Moulds

After Bill Mitchell tried unsuccessfully to produce a high quality GRP BBQ trolley for BBQ’s Galore he approached David to start again which David took as a challenge knowing several others had failed.  David completed these moulds with a minimum of fuss to a high quality finish and produced 3, 4 and 5 burner models and prototypes.

BBQ Moulds  

Roper 33

Prior to starting his own business, David built 2 Roper 33’s and sold these at a structural stage for owners to complete. The 2nd boat was purchased by Rick Calusinski, an Adelaide engineer who was so impressed with David’s product that he decided to purchase a 42’ Adams from him also.

Roper 33  


Bluewater has always had a steady stream of small boat repairs and modifications.  These include replacing rotted transoms, floor bearers and soles as well fitting tanks, resprays, restyling, recarpeting and general refurbishing.

Speedboats Speedboats
42 ft Cruising Yacht
42 ft Cruising Yacht 42 ft Cruising Yacht  
The Bluewater Cygnet 20
20 ft Cygnet
The Bluewater 420RS
42 ft Cruising Yacht
The Bluewater 420CC
42 ft Cruising Yacht


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