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Latest Newsletter - December 2009

We have communicated on occasions in the past 12 months about the possibility of constructing a new ocean cruising luxury yacht for you. Just in case you are procrastinating about making a decision and could still be seriously interested please consider the following.

50% Government Rebate

If you are in business you would probably be aware that you may be entitled to a significant Government rebate if your new yacht can be used for business purposes. If you are thinking along these lines it is absolutely essential that you make a decision now because the Government rebate does end if your order is not placed by 31 December 2009.

Price Increase

Our base price for all new yachts constructed will be rising by approximately 5% on 1 January 2010. This price increase is necessary due to continuing increases in all costs including materials, labour and transport. Any other orders confirmed with a deposit placed before 31.12.09 will be held at the current price for the duration of the build. So if you are interested please call me on 0412 656 271 and lets make it happen for you.

Imagine, you could be sailing in your very own brand new yacht for Christmas 2010.

Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2009 "Charlie's Dream"

"Charlie's Dream", a Bluewater 450M will be entering this years Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2009 for the second time with a crew of 9 including David from Bluewater. You can follow our progress by going to and clicking on "Yacht Tracker". Go Charlie's Dream"! 

Bluewater 400 “Antares” Cruise to Lord Howe Island


In November 2009 the Bluewater 400 “Antares” made a cruise from Broken Bay to Lord Howe Island. Relatively quick passages of 3 days duration each way were achieved.

The crew about to set sail

While there were favourable reaching winds for the most part, for more than half the time the wind strength was in the vicinity of 30 knots. The strongest winds experienced were 50 knot NNW.

In the heavier conditions the Bluewater 400 sail plan really came into its own. The staysail jib and a reefed main proved to be a very effective combination, proving a sail plan that made steering balanced and easy, while providing enough power to continue to make good progress. Three times in the voyage as the winds strengthened we had to completely take the mainsail down, and sail on the staysail jib alone. Even with just the staysail jib, we were in control and quite comfortable.

Riding the wind

When the wind strength increased in excess of 40 knots with the steep seas building, we continued to hold course, taking the seas on the beam. While this meant we got breaking seas across the deck and into the centre cockpit, the Bluewater 400 handled the sea conditions very well not giving us any concerns.

The voyage was made with a crew of 4 going out and 5 returning and despite the heavy conditions, it was a very enjoyable cruise to a stunning destination.

Alan Pearce

Lord Howe Island

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