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Apprentice Student Boatbuilder

  • Junior
  • Newcastle, NSW
  • Luxury Fibreglass yachts

Never heard of a student boat builder before?  That’s right because this opportunity is different.  We’re not looking for just an Apprentice more a student of the craft of luxury boat building.

Do you dream of building your own boat and sailing around the world?    Well if you do this is your dream job.  We will teach you how to build high quality yachts, catamarans, and powerboats.  Some of the many skills you will master include:

  • working with fibreglass (hand and gun laminating)
  • applying gelcoat (brush, gravity spray, airless spray)
  • pattern making
  • mould making and preparation
  • laying up large complicated mouldings
  • building the all important internal structure
  • fitout (cabinet making, deck fittings, engine installation, plumbing, engineering, electrics, spray painting, interior design, problem solving, researching, timber coatings, liners, commissioning)

to name a few.

You will even learn how to handle boats such as sailing, docking, slipping, basic seamanship.  In fact, we will teach you to become a world class craftsman who will be in demand anywhere in the world.

You will attend TAFE 1 day per week, and be paid the Award Rates and Bonus (if successful) for this 4 Year Course after which you will have the expertise and skills to start earning $50,000.00 pa or more upon completion.

In turn what we want is absolute commitment to learning and mastering the skills we will teach you which includes weekend study.  You will already have a basic knowledge of boats including different brands and designs, formed some opinions on what style and features you like and why, read some books on boating and sailing as well reading magazines.  You will probably even know what boat you want to build for yourself and why, and be able to visualise yourself doing this.  Why, because this is the passion we know it takes to be successful as a boat building craftsman (or woman).

Also, model making as a hobby is highly desirable as you would have already learnt patience and attention to detail.

Our commitment to you is upon mastering each skill you will move to the next.  Not stagnating doing repetitive work.  You will become organised, efficient, safe, responsible, trustworthy, proactive, an initiative taker, confident, highly skilled and valuable.

We are looking for someone with their own transport, preferably lives locally, and a non smoker.  You will have reasonably good numeracy and literacy and the spatial ability to read and interpret plans and visualise the product.  You must be polite and well mannered and able to hold a conversation with fellow workers, managers and customers.  If this is you then write and tell us about yourself, what design you want to build and what you will do with your boat once built (ie. destinations you want to see and why).

We and our clients believe we build the best cruising yachts in Australia. Our customers expect the best and so do we, so if you’re up to it send in an application.

This is what some of our key staff say about working at Bluewater, and what they like about being a boat builder:

Russell Webster

Russell Webster - Boat Builder

“Working at Bluewater provides the opportunity to build boats from start to finish. As well as be involved in all aspects of boat building during construction. Also, many and varied smaller projects over the last 7 years. Boat building provides me with the opportunity to work practically, creatively and artistically to overcome problems and achieve standards of work uncommon in today’s world. I enjoy and strive for the craftsmanship and discipline necessary to bring imagination and design to the conclusion of something beautiful and worthwhile.”
Alan Quinnell

Alan Quinnell - GRP Layup/Boat Builder

“I like working at Bluewater because there is a wide variety of jobs and a real sense of achievement when you finish building a yacht. The joy of being a boat builder is that we have the ability to turn raw materials into a yacht that the customer will love and cherish because of the dedication and hard work that has been put into constructing their dream boat.”
Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson - Boat Builder

I like the freedom to express your ideas and work out the best way to do a job with the boss, foreman and owners. A good team environment with a boss who works alongside his staff.  All the workers have a passion to build the best boat with no compromise to the end result.  I love to do creative work and getting great satisfaction when looking at a job I have completed, meeting customers who have a passion for sailing and their boats and helping them reach their dreams, and teaching the skills to Apprentices to become great boat builders with the knowledge to build their own boats.”
James Christie

James Christie - 3rd Year Apprentice

“The main thing I like about working at Bluewater is the great opportunity. At Bluewater we experience the start to finish of building boats, and also using and sailing the yachts.  We are taught to be very versatile boat builders.

Not many companies offer that opportunity. What is great about being a boat builder is that it is very challenging.  Everyday is something new and different. When you have put in the hours and worked hard on the job it is very rewarding to see the boat in the water operating the way it should. Also, building boats always keeps you thinking and on your toes.”
James Christie

Hayden Gavin - 2nd Year Apprentice

“Already as a 2nd Year Apprentice the range of jobs I have performed surpasses what I expected. The type of boats we build provide the opportunity to become a well rounded boat builder, from big glassing jobs to helping fit engines, through to the final timber fitout.

Also, the constant insisting from David and the tradesmen to teach me to get it right, and do a quality job every time pushes me to be as good as possible. It is miles ahead of other trades. The amount of variety of skills already I have gained does not compare. Actually wanting to go to work to build great boats is the difference. Having a love for boating helps a lot. Seeing a finished boat on the water and being able to say that I was responsible for that is a great feeling.”


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